What is a tempo traveller ?

A tempo traveller is a luxury bus that may seat any number of people from 12 to 30. They feature spacious reclining seats with ample leg space, and a large boot to store luggage. The best tempo travellers also feature an on-board entertainment system, PA (Public Address) system, emergency exit and safety kit.

Why rent a Tempo traveller ?

Renting/hiring a Tempo Traveller is a great travelling option for groups of people ranging from 9 to 15. The tempo traveller is the perfect solution to both long and short distance travel. Every person usually seeks comfort and ample leg space while travelling, especially over long distances. With a tempo traveller, you do not feel the fatigue of a long journey because you are comfortably seated and have enough space to stretch your legs even when seated.

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Features available in our tempo traveller

Pushback seats

It's a comfortable replacement auto seat cushions And make you feel more easy after long time traveling.

Air conditioning

Works powerfully at peak efficiency to keep you cool even on the hottest day of the journey.

Audio system with bluetooth

Get your party going with this user friendly & sturdy, adjustable Bluetooth speakers and remote for added convenience.

Luggage Space

A little extra space in your car always comes in handy to carry your luggages.

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